Coy’s Historic Motor Racing Festival

Silverstone 2000

Sunday 23rd July 2000  - We have achieved a dream.  2 years after the decision to build a kit car was made.  We have driven our Westfield to the place where it all began.  Wind blown ( no wimpscreens fitted ) we arrived in the main car park at 8:35 a.m.  just over an hour after leaving home.  It had rained on and off all the way from Newbury but it had not dampened our enthusiasm.  At one stage I was getting a wet drip from somewhere behind the dash but it stopped when the rain stopped, Otherwise we were dry. Immediately, we drew up in the car park the driver of the car next to us adopted, what can only be described as the “Westfield grin”  An admiring look characterised with a grin that goes from ear to ear.  There was no way to see ourselves but I guess we were wearing one as well. We congratulated each other  and with my wife, my brother and his family (they had followed in the Renault Laguna) we set off to locate breakfast.   

The day followed our traditional pattern, breakfast, followed by a walk around the pit garages taking lots of photographs.  We had agreed to meet Dave Stanley by the bridge at 10 a.m. Andrew went to find Dave and was soon back with him. We went to look at the various owners club areas in the centre of the field.  Absorbed in what we were doing we were late getting back to the grandstand to meet up with the others and missed, Mansell, Moss and Stewart demonstrating cars from their era of Formula I. 

We traditionally set up base in the Woodcote stand because you get a good view of the complex and the Start / Finish line, supported by the Diamond television Screen.   A great afternoons racing followed,  Pre 1950’s sports car and Pre War sports car races,   Pre 1961 Grand Prix cars, always a pleasure to see.  Mid afternoon, saw a flypast by “Sally B” a B17 Flying Fortress.  Racing continued with events for a 50 minute race for Pre 1964 GT cars, Won by Nigel Corner / Barrie Williams in a Jaguar E Type. Followed by a race for Pre 1974 Le Mans Cars.  

During the Afternoon Nigel Mansell re-appeared on track in a JPS Lotus 79. The car sounded a bit rough but at the end of 3 laps, Mansell delighted the crowd by “donutting” the car at the pit lane entrance in clouds of Tyre smoke and thick black deposits of rubber on the track.

During our paddock walk about we spotted the interesting vehicle (below left.) Those of you who have been to the factory will recognise it. 

You may have seen the Lotus 21 (below right) under wraps at the back of the workshop. 

Final event of the day proved to be of special interest.  An  8 lap race, held in 2 parts on Saturday and Sunday for Pre 1966 Grand Prix Cars.  Chris Smith (MD. of Westfield Sports Cars) lined up in 5th place on the grid after Saturdays race.  Andrew managed to get a word with him in the paddock, before the race, as he eased himself in to the Lotus 21, the comments are unprintable.   

Chris drove an excellent race,  not challenging the front runners, but keeping well clear of trouble. With a succession of tidy laps ended up in 3rd place.   So if your were wondering where all your hard earned cash, you pay to Westfield goes – Now you know  -

Well done Chris.