Westfield Zetec Cooling Systems

"Overcooling Syndrome"

A Technical Paper in 5 parts

Part 1.  Introduction to Zetec Cooling Systems.

Part 2.  Overview of Modifying Westfield Zetec Cooling Systems.

Part 3.  Modifying Westfield, Ford 2.0 L Zetec Cooling Systems.

Part 4.  Modifying Westfield, Ford 1800 Zetec Cooling Systems.

Part 5   Testing.


EM Engineering does not imply or express an opinion that the Zetec Cooling System, as implemented by Westfield Sports Cars is faulty. Any alteration to the Zetec Cooling System, from that implemented by Westfield Sports Cars, is at the owners risk. Westfield Sports Cars and EM Engineering do not accept any responsibility for damaged caused to the engine by implementing any of the example cooling system modifications, in whole or in part. 

The opinions expressed, and the engineering practices in this document are those of E.M. Engineering and are not to be interpreted as being attributed to, sponsored by, or supported by Westfield Sports Cars. Parts used in the modification of 1800 and 2.0L Zetec engines, illustrated in this document, are NOT available from Westfield Sports Cars

This paper is published in the full knowledge of Westfield Sports cars subject to the disclaimer above.


This document may be copied and distributed for personal use, providing that the distribution is free and the document is reproduced in its entirety, without alteration and with acknowledgement to E.M. Engineering.

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