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27 July 1997

Coy's International Historic Festival  - Silverstone. The idea of building a kit car is first muted.

7 Feb 1998

Visit the factory, for the first time, for a test drive. Usual factory tour. Drove the "Maroon Monster" (1800 SEiW).  We were not disappointed and virtually sold on the project.  The problem was how much and when?


06 Mar 1998

Westfield Kit Build Manual received - We can study some of the details and form a strategy. This was the first of several manuals until we got the right one.


26 July 1998

Coy's International Historic Festival  - Silverstone.  We had talked about it, off an on for a year.  We have test driven one. The decision to do it is made. The project is born.

12 Dec 1998

Visit the factory for another test drive and order the kit


16 Jan 1999

Collected the chassis and body starter kit from Kingswinford. Collect rear drive assembly from Sierra 4x4 and Escort Mk IV discs from Dave Stanley at Honeybourne


17 Jan 1999

Chassis on stands, body suspended from the roof of the garage. Started stripping the Sierra 4x4 diff, drive shafts And brake callipers Wire brushes working overtime cleaning up components from the Sierra. Removed and stripped lobro joints


24 Jan 1999

Most of the discussion this week was around reconditioning the callipers from the Sierra. We eventually agreed to buy Recon ones from our local garage on safety grounds and cosmetic appearance. Diff Steam cleaned.  Painting - diff. And aluminium panels on the chassis with special primer and Satin Black Hammerite a pretty good colour match to powder coating of the chassis.


31 Jan 1999


Cleaned and painted (gold) rear brake pad holders.  Obtained brake new pads, new boots (lobro joint covers) new hub nuts etc. continued painting


7 Feb 1999

Slapped under seal on to underside of the floor panels


14 Feb 1999

We've been talking to the Factory about running the brake and fuel pipes down the tunnel rather than straight under the floor as Westfield recommend. Fitted the first components to the chassis (brake master cylinder and pedals)

21 Feb 1999

Started to assemble the rear suspension.  Fitting suspension bushes to wishbones was a struggle. A combination of Penny washers, long bolts and brute strength.


28 Feb 1999

Continued fitting the bushes this week including diff mounts. We have chrome front suspension, with bushes already fitted, except the RH lower wishbone didn't. Returned it to the Factory for replacement 


7 Mar 1999

Fitted steering rack and assembled front suspension. Discovered that both Chrome

Upper wishbones have a dent on the inside. Checked with Chris Masters. As we thought Dents have been caused during fitting of the bushes. (Factory fitted in chrome parts) send them back


14 Mar 1999

Finished fitting the front suspension


21 Mar 1999

Removed the diff to fit brake pipe down the tunnel.  Easier than we thought. Working with a piece of fence wire as a template helped. Worked out all the bends and "P clip" fixing points for rear brakes


4 April 1999

We obtained a length of fuel pipe and P clips from Unimaster and set about bending and routing it down the tunnel.


18 April 1999


Fitted the rear brake callipers

1 May 1999

Collected prop shaft, wiring loom, fuel pump, fuel regulator & quick gearshift from Factory.  Went to Sierra Land, SE London, to get MT 75 gearbox. Started cleaning up gearbox


7 May 1999

Contacted First Choice parts finder via the Internet for an engine.  Borough came back with an ex Mondeo Zetec 2.0 l, 1000 miles, £650 + VAT.


9 May 1999

Torque tightened Lobro Joints, Laid out and fitted wiring loom


11 May 1999

Engine delivered. Carried out Survey all looks good except there is a hole in the sump and no starter motor.


13 May 1999

Replacement sump and starter motor arrived. 


14 May 1999


Collected Long range tank gearbox and engine mounts from Westfield. Talked to Chris masters about blanking plates for gearbox. Realised our Zetec Engine was an automatic! Stripped engine of alternator, air conditioning and power steering pumps.


15 May 1999

Checked feasibility of automatic to manual conversion looks OK.  Completed fitting of wiring loom down the tunnel. Found badly crimped earth wire in rear of loom.


20 May 1999

Flywheel arrived (free of charge) Supposed to be 2.0 ltr but looks like 1.8. Checked with Chris Masters we can use if we change the clutch kit. This is what we will do.

Got 0.3 mm skimmed off the flywheel to remove score marks.


21 May 1999

Flywheel fits but we will have to change the flywheel position sensor


29 May 1999

Removed flywheel replaced sensor housing 


12 Jun 1999

Mounted Engine on Engine stand, removed sump, removed oil pick up pipe. Replaced sump for protection, whilst we have the sump and oil pick up pipe modified.   Painted long range tank and tank straps


23 Jun 1999

Delivered sump and pick up pipe for modification to Westfield


5 Aug 1999

Collected modified sump and alternator mounting kit.


8 Aug 1999

Fitted oil pick up pipe and new sump. The sump had to be modified slightly with a file to get the oil pick up pipe past the baffles and fitted.


20 Aug 1999

Delivered the gearbox to Road & Race for refurbishing.


26 Aug 1999

Collected refurbished gearbox. A couple of synchromesh rings and a new sleeve. All that was required.


29 Aug 1999

Fitted fuel pump, long-range tank and flexible fuel pipes.


1 Sep 1999

Ordered Monza wheels and Yokohama 205/50 x 15 tyres from Micheldever.  We had to change to DTM wheels since chrome Monza wheels will be at least 3 months. Any way we have decided we like DTM wheels better.


21 Sep 1999

First chance to work on the car for weeks.  Fitted alternator. Removed engine from engine stand. Fitted flywheel and clutch. Trial fit gearbox to check thrust bearing free play, which is excessive. We need to get Westfield modified bearing

23 Sep 1999

Collected Wheels from Micheldever. Fitted them to car to check clearances. Had to shorten rear wheel studs by 1 cm.


26 Sep 1999

Fitted modified clutch release bearing. Fitted Sierra sandwich plate, fitted gearbox to engine. Made blanking plate to cover where Mondeo starter motor should be. Fitted starter motor


2 Oct 1999

Lowered car down from chassis stands to axle stands fitted prop shaft


3 Oct 1999

Installed Engine and gearbox in to chassis


4 Oct 1999

Torque tightened Engine / Gearbox mounts and prop shaft, connected alternator and starter motor.

10 Oct 1999

Filled gearbox and engine with oil. Carried out initial bleeding of brakes. Set about polishing the exhaust system and temporarily fitted it to the car


13 Oct 1999

Ordered radiator and cooling hose kit from Westfield.


12 Oct 1999

Picked up Webcon Performance kit from Swindon Racing Engines. Alpha ignition management system, inlet manifold and a pair of DCOE 45 carburettors

17 Oct 1999

Fitted inlet manifold, Carburettors and throttle mechanisms. Fitted accelerator cable. Started to fit radiator


24 Oct 1999

Fitted radiator, fan and cooling system hose. Not exactly straight forward.


30 Oct 1999

Discussion this week centred on ECU and cooling pipe mountings.


22 Nov 1999

Serious retail therapy picked up most of the components for module 5, and those from module 6 to get engine running. Ordered seats. Bought interior panels and dashboard (ex demonstrator).  Went to Merlin, Castle Combed to get speedo transducer.


23 Nov 1999

Set suspension springs half way in preparation for lowering the car to the ground.

Trial fitted the speedo transducer, made adapter to dispense with cable drive and connect straight to gearbox.


26 Nov 1999

Made ECU mount. Hinged to top of passenger foot well for fixing to the dashboard hoop. So that we can get access to it, if needed.


28 Nov 1999

Got the engine ready for running. Made a temporary dashboard out of cardboard. Bridged the heater hoses. Made temporary mounts for header tank and fuel regulator. Lowered the car to the ground. Torque tightened rear drive hubs. Adjusted the handbrake.


5 Dec 1999

Started the engine. Engine runs but no tacho output. Gearbox oil leak.


7 Dec 1999

Collected Seats Windscreen pillars and catch tank. Fixed the tacho output problem.


12 Dec 1999

Fixed gearbox oil leak. Engine testing to initially set carburettors.


2 Jan 2000

Engine testing - During the test the engine stalled with flat battery. Alternator not charging


4 Jan 2000

Fault diagnosis on alternator. Alternator body is not grounded, insulated by rubber bushes on the lower mount and by powder coating on the adjustment arm. Cleaned powder coating off at contact points to get good earth contact. Alternator now works.


5 Jan 2000

Fitted speedo Transducer to gearbox for testing. Began redesign work on Catch tank


6 Jan 2000

Speedo testing. Though there is output from the transducer, speedo does not read.

Talked to Merlin who supplied transducer advised to talk to VDO, which we were going to do anyway, but it was too late to do it today.


7 Jan 2000

Called Westfield and VDO got the information for connecting up the speedo transducer

8 Jan 2000

Connected speedo and transducer, the VDO way, for hall effect transducers - Bingo, it works and as far as we can tell accurately. Started major surgery on the catch tank to get the best fit

9 Jan 2000

Engine testing completed - Carbs are balanced and exhaust emissions are well within tolerance.  Completed trial fitting of catch tank. Tank and brackets painted, ready for installation.


15 Jan 2000

Fitted catch tank and windscreen washer bracket. Redressed handbrake cable for a neater and safer installation.


16 Jan 2000

1st Anniversary - fitted air horns. Stripped exhaust and all temporary fitted components to prepare for fitting the body

22 Jan 2000

Retrieved Body from the roof of the garage. Fitted rear wheel arches. Trial fit to chassis. Trial fit scuttle to determine steering wheel cut out


23 Jan 2000

Cut out steering wheel aperture. Positioned scuttle to determine where rivnuts need to be mounted on the chassis. Removed scuttle and bodywork. Drilled and mounted rivnuts. Replaced bodywork. 


29 Jan 2000

Front filler panels painted Sating black to match chassis. Panels fitted and trimmed with black plastic sleeping to protect bodywork from sharp edges of panel. This operation took several attempts to get the best fit between the panels and the bodywork


05 Feb 2000

More trimming of front filler panels to improve body fit. Trial fit of scuttle. But we were not satisfied with the quality of fit on the LHS. The locating blocks do not align very well.  Long Range boot box does not fit.


06 Feb 2000

Various different manuals give different measurements for body fitment.  We tired different combinations but decided to talk to Westfield to get the definitive measurements


09 Feb 2000

Having determined that the boot box was for the kit build body and not ZK body, we returned it to Westfield. At the same time we exchanged our Chrome Roll over bar which was scratched for a new one.


12 Feb 2000

We repositioned the bodywork according to dimensions given by Westfield.  Modified LHS the locating socket in the scuttle to improve the fit quality.   Modified the nose cone to equalise the aperture and clearances around the front upper wishbone mounts.


13 Feb 2000

Modified bottom corner of the flanges on the radiator to give better clearance of the nose cone.  Modified the returns on the bonnet to improve trial fit. Investigated the fitting of an auxiliary instrument panel between the dash and the top of the tunnel


19 Feb 2000

Fitted rear, fog and reverse lights.


20 Feb 2000

Crimped rear lamp connectors and fitted plugs.  Re-checked the position of Roll over bar and drilled pilot holes.


26Feb 2000

New boot box arrived Thursday. It was the correct one for our body, except that it was cracked and the Gelcote crazed. Fitted heat shrink sleeving to tail light wiring to protect it.  Fitted roll over bar.  Improved the fit of the rear wheel arches


27 Feb 2000

Fitted “P” Clips to tidy up wiring of taillights.  Lifted the rear of the bodywork with a trolley jack, at the same time as pushing forward to equalise rear wheel arch.


28 Feb 2000

Returned boot box again. Whilst at Westfield, picked up bonnet locks and dowels. Our SVA testing station does not like over latches. Even if they are covered


04 Mar 2000

Investigated Pipercross filter to replace the JR filters and avoid cutting a hole in the bonnet (not recommended for SVA). Riveted the bottom of the body to the chassis


05 Mar 2000

Re-aligned body, bonnet and nose cone. Riveted body to upper rail of chassis.


11 Mar 2000

Feels like we are making significant progress on the body.  Located and marked the Rivnut positions on the bodywork and the scuttle. Mounted the scuttle. Aligned bonnet and Nose cone drilled holes for locating dowels.


12 Mar 2000

Continued with nose cone and bonnet alignment. This is time consuming, as we are not satisfied with the finished product. It is not bad but we feel it could be better.


13 Mar 2000

Collected new boot box. Looks OK. Picked up SVA kit of rubber covers.


16 Mar 2000

Measured, cut and trimmed the new boot box around the roll over bar. Some trimming of the RHS of the rear bodywork to get the boot box to fit centrally. Once in place, the rear of the boot box is slightly bowed but weighted down with a plank of wood and some tins of pint and we will see what happens when we come to fit it permanently


19 Mar 2000

Finally got a satisfactory alignment of bonnet and nose cone. We needed to fit 2mm shims under the nose cone to compensate for the body rivets under the bonnet


23 Mar 2000

Fitted bonnet locks. These are a new type and Westfield supplied templates to locate them.


25 Mar 2000

During bonnet nose cone alignment we noticed that when the LHS of the bonnet was aligned with scuttle and nose cone. The lower body panel was bowed. Removed body rivets and realigned but could not get a satisfactory alignment until we loosened the scuttle slightly. After that the alignment was perfect.  Trial fitted the Windscreen


26 Mar 2000

Odd job day removed the nose cone to measure to gain access to the space frame so that we could measure where the exhaust outlet was to be in the LHS body panel

Cleared the powder coat from the spare wheel carrier nuts and bolts. The bolts will be modified in to studs to fix the spare wheel for security.


27 Mar 2000

Collected the SVA compliant hub covers and Locking wheel nuts for the Spare wheel from Micheldever Tyres.


30 Mar 2000

Removed the windscreen to cut the ventilation  / demister slots


01 Apr 2000

Cut out the exhaust opening in the LHS body panel. Despite accurate measurements as in the build manual the hole needed 10mm removing from the front to give sufficient clearance for the exhaust pipe.


08 Apr 2000

Took another look at the windscreen fit. We are concerned about a 10 mm difference between the heights of the hood studs from the Windscreen pillars, left to right. Mounting the windscreen, equalizing the height of the studs produces a very large gap under the windscreen on the LHS.  We decided to talk to Westfield

Fitted the lower bracket for the spare wheel carrier. 


09 Apr 2000

Chris Masters at Westfield suspects that the Hood studs have been mounted on the WRONG side of the windscreen. Suggests that we mount the Windscreen with the studs on the inside to check. Sceptical as ever we do as we are told. The fit is better but the studs are now on the inside.  We will talk to Westfield about our findings.


11 Apr 2000

On holiday in Madrid for 2 weeks.


29 Apr 2000

Whilst I was away Westfield confirmed the windscreen was incorrectly made and supplied a new one. Fitted the windscreen filled the gap underneath with ¼” high-density foam and silicon sealer. Difference in height is now only 1mm. Left to cure. Fitted indicator side repeaters.


01 May 2000

The windscreen has cured and looks good.  Fitted the windscreen fillet and the wiper wheel boxes.  After a lot of trial and error we achieved and acceptable fit.

Removed the scuttle. Took the wiper wheel boxes off again and fitted the heater ducting. Sealed with silicon sealer and left to cure. 


02 May 2000

Fitted the windscreen wiper motor drive and wheel boxes


03 May 2000

Fitted heater to the scuttle using Westfield’s dimensions. Though the centres are correct the heater is mounted too high and fouls a ridge in he scuttle moulding


04 May 2000

Investigated alternative arrangements of the heater brackets but this moves the heater too low. Decided to live with the holes drilled as they are and use spacers to clear the ridge in the scuttle. Don’t like Westfield’s method of mounting the heater pipes using the scuttle bulkhead.


12 May 2000

Glued heat shield material to the inside of the LHS body panel.


13 May 2000

Fitted exhaust manifold and system. Made a new plate for mounting the ECU above the passenger foot well. This has two effects. It hinges down to gain access to the ECU if required and prevents the SVA man with the 100 mm orb getting up under the dash to complain about sharp edges.


14 May 2000

Andrew obtained a bulkhead plate from a Fiesta during the week. Using this, some rubber grommets and pipe joiners from Halfords, we made a bulkhead connector fro the heater pipes and drilled the scuttle accordingly


15 May 2000

Started to turn our attention the well-reported Zetec overcooling problem. How to modifying the coolant pipes for the thermostat bypass to conform to Ford’s Mondeo installation.


16 May 2000

Fitted heater bulkhead connector and pipe work


17 May 2000

Fitted interior panels Applied for SVA for 30th June at Bristol or Leighton Buzzard


18 May 2000

Trial fit Scuttle and ECU mounting plate. Measured where LHS (Passenger) heater duct will need to pass through the plate and cut an elongated hole so that the plate will hinge up and down past the heater duct.


20 May 2000

Positioned ECU wiring and cut a hole fro the grommet in the scuttle.  Positioned the Battery tray according to Westfield’s measurements. (We were going to regret this). Drilled the scuttle for the engine amplifiers and the washer tube and fitted these. Trial fitted the header tank and coolant pipes only to find the pipes fouled the battery tray.


21 May 2000

It’s obvious that the battery tray has got to be moved further outboard.  After drilling out the rivets – silicon sealer really sticks. I took ages and a lot of persuasion with a wallpaper scraper to remove the battery tray and even longer to clean up the silicon sealer. The battery tray was repositioned. The redundant holes filled and sealed with silicon sealer again.  Ended the day with finally fitting and sealing the scuttle in position.


22 May 2000

Swansea replied with the SVA follow up form requesting which parts we actually fitted to the chassis. Returned the form now waiting for a data and a location


22 May 2000

Made a bracket for the fuel regulator so that it can be mounted on the scuttle. However we are concerned with it’s position above the fuse boxes (Mr SVA will go mad!!!) Attempted to refit the bonnet Now the scuttle is permanently in place. The RHS locks fine but the LHS won’t lock for some reason.


23 May 2000

It looks like fixed part of the lock is wrongly positioned. To be sure we rechecked the scuttle position and it is correct.  Spent a lot of time trying to understand why it fitted perfectly before and does not now. 


24 May 2000

Made brackets to secure the grill to the nose cone and bonded them in place


27 May 2000

4 hours of toil and error we finally got the bonnet catch in to the right position where it would lock and the bonnet was correctly aligned with the scuttle and the body.  Fitted the grill to the nose cone. Refitted the battery clamp but first we had to fix the rivnut setting tool we broke last week.


28 May 2000

Made a circular plate to fix the Westfield badge to the grill and riveted it in place. Remounted the nose cone and adjusted the position of the nose for a good even fit all round. Trimmed the profile of the radiator mounts to ensure there was no interference and we centralise the nose cone.   Tried to mount the cycle wings but the brackets interfere with the front wheels.  We will need to talk to Westfield. Fitted the windscreen washer tube to the bottle.  Started work on fitting the header tank.


29 May 2000

Worked on fitting the cover over the pedals.  Some filing and cutting was necessary to get a smooth fit. Protected the lower steering column bracket with foam, glued in place. Covered the chassis bar above the pedals with heating pipe insulation, cable tied in place.  (Both are SVA requirements)  Fitted the panel over the pedals with Self-tapping screws.  Painted the panel satin black to match the chassis.


31 May 2000

Panel is now dry and fitted in place. Spoke to Westfield about the cycle wing brackets. The advice is to bend them or fit 5 mm spacer and longer wheel studs to the hub carrier.  We didn’t much like the prospect of bending the brackets so investigated fitting the spacer and longer wheel studs.


1 Jun 2000

Spoke to Westfield again; Chris Masters says it is possible to change the studs without removing or dismantling the hub.  Went to Merlin Motorsport and picked up 2 spacers and 8 studs. Removed the old studs and fitted the new ones (slightly shortened) with the hubs still fitted to the car. Fitted the spacers and refitted the wheels. Finally mounted the cycle wing brackets all clearances are fine.  Decided to glue the cycle wings to the brackets.


2 Jun 2000

SVA test confirmed as 30th June at Leighton Buzzard. Made some spacers out of MDF to same aerofoil cross section as indictor pods. Andrew investigated modifying the cooling system to connect the thermostat bypass to the bottom hose as Ford intended and not the top hose as Westfield do, to prevent over cooling of the engine.


3 June 2000

Recognised we have a problem with the spacers for the indicator pods. Shape is correct and contoured but holes cannot be drilled straight through to mount the pods. Adopted an offset solution with studs to mount the pods on and offset screws to mount he assembly to the nose cone. Undercoated the panels to fit over the top of the tunnel. The manual says the hole for the gear lever is cut already – Not true.

  4 June 2000

Colour match (Hammerite Dark Green) for the indicator pod spacers not bad. Difficult to get a good alignment and position on the nose cone.  Tried to fit the panels on the top of the tunnel but we did not have the correct size rivets for fitting the gear lever gaiter or self tapping screws.


5 June 2000

Yesterdays prep work paid off.  Andrew fitted the gear lever gaiter using the correct size rivets. John Hopkins turned up yesterday with some 32mm x 30 mm spacers for the seat belt harnesses. Filed flats on the bottom sides to accommodate the rollover bar and the chassis welds.  Andrew made some A3 templates for the indicator pod fitting. Accurately drilled the nose cone to suit. Fitted to extra brackets to the nose cone to stiffen the grill fitting. Examined the ECU wiring to see if we could make the Webcon Mondeo harness a better fit for the Westfield. 


6 June 2000

Refitted the grill to the nose cone. Much stiffer and less chance of vibration no that it has six brackets to hold it in place rather than 4 as previous. Assembled the indicator pods and spacers fitted them to the nose cone. Despite all our efforts they are not symmetrical. LHS points upwards. The spacers are partly to blame. Further investigation was needed


7 June 2000

Decided to make new spacers for the indicator pods.  Same cross section but this time straight, so that bolts would pass from the nose cone through the spacer in to the indictor pod mounting nuts.  Trial fitted the spacers and pods. Much checking with spirit levels and plumb bobs. LHS is still 5 – 7 mm too high.  Discovered the pods were not identical. (We knew they were RH and LH and had positioned them on the correct side) The holes in the pods were not identically placed which meant because we had used Westfield dimensions again, identical to each side the pods were in fact at different vertical places on the nose cone.


8 June 2000

Examined the pods again to find the mounting holes in the LHS were misplaced by about 5 mm compared to the RHS. Equal to the problem. Repositioned the holes for the LHS pod in the nose cone accordingly and refitted. The alignment now good.

Fitted the ECU to it’s mounting plate and connected the wiring loom.  Striped out the wires for tacho (that needed to remain in the scuttle) and fed the power leads to the engine compartment.  Secured the harness to the scuttle with cable ties and sticky pads to ensure they were tidy and clear of heater outlet, clear of the heater and the hinge plate still operated correctly.   Secured Washer pipe to scuttle.


9 June 2000

Dismantled the ECU wiring loom in the engine bay to remake it. The loom, originally made for a Mondeo, needed to be tailored to fit the Westfield to get the neatest installation. Concerned with the length of the wiring for amplifiers, throttle position sensor, Air temperature sensor, and flywheel position sensor. This gave us the best opportunity to dress the wires to length and only extend the wires we needed to. This process was done twice, because we found that we should have routed the tacho wire to the engine bay to match up with the Westfield loom, and not left it in the scuttle area as we had done the day before.  Re dressed and wrapped all the wires in to a neat loom.


10 June 2000

Attached the Earth connection to the ECU and covered with heat shrink sleeving. Connected the pull up resistor to the tacho connection and reconnected the tacho leads. Disconnected the Westfield speedo transducer leads from the wiring loom and connected the leads from hall effect transducer mounted on the gearbox. Andrew built up the dash and we trial fitted it. Andrew collected the new coolant pipe for the modified cooling system.

12 June 2000

We had an additional branch welded to the lower aluminium pipe between the water pump and branch connected to the heater. Finally mounted the indicator pods, spacers and secured the wiring with sticky pads and cable ties.


14 June 2000

The plumbing between the heater around the back of the engine and connecting to the modified pipe work proved to be trouble some Andrew and I had several attempts to get a neat installation that did not foul wiring, other pipe work, coil mounting bracket and did not kink sundry rubber pipes - We can see the problems There is too sharp a bend in the Westfield pipe from the engine to the heater inlet and the Thermostat bypass is below the chassis component and the pipe has to come up and over to connect to the new pipe work.  To be continued ………


15 June 2000

Went to CAFCO to see if I could find a suitable right angles pipe for connecting the heater to the engine pipe work.   Found a QH pipe (ex Avenger) that might do


16 June 2000

The QH pipe will work if cut down Ordered 2 more (1 spare) Mounted the header tank.


17 June 2000

Extended the wiring for the air temperature sensor. Loomed it up with the throttle positions sensor wires and protected the loom with spiral wrap. Secured the wiring to the carb with “P” clips mounted using the cover securing screws. Mounted the air temperature sensor in the RH air filter back plate. Removed the dash and added the wiring for the fog light tell tale.  Corrected the parking position of the windscreen wipers by dismantling the motor gearbox and repositioning the plastic stop wedge by 180 degrees.   Reworked the heater and coolant hoses to get the best possible installation. Fitted the fog light tell tale to the dashboard Re-assembled the dash and all the wiring and tested. Wipers now park in the correct place and fog light tell tale operates correctly.


19 June 2000

Unhappy with the position of the tacho wiring in relation to the heater pipes, we undid the loom and extended the wired to achieve a better fit with more clearance. After some discussion with Westfield we made a new bracket for the fuel regulator and mounted it on the plate over the pedals. Andrew returned to the spare wheel carrier. We knew that for some reason it was offset by 5 mm from the centre. Yet measuring the bodywork it seemed correctly aligned.  Bending the carrier securing brackets made some difference but not enough. We decided to check the back of the body and drilled out the rivets securing it and moved it across as much as we could (only a few mm). Andrew re-riveted the body in place.


20 June 2000

The body realignment only produced 2 to 3 mm improvement. Andrew experimented and cured the problem by fitting rubber tubing to the carrier to finally centralise the spare wheel position. Secured the dash panel in place.


21 June 2000

Measured and mounted the spare wheel securing studs. Had to move the fuel tank forward to get sufficient space to gain access to the inside rear of the bodywork to secure the mounting bar.   We used studs not bolts for added security. Spare wheel when mounted was central both vertically and horizontally.  SVA detail fitted 5mm beading to the fog lamp surround.


22 June 2000

Went to Westfield to pick up SVA compliant steering wheel countersunk rivets for the number plate carrier and “P” clips to secure the tank overflow pipe.  SVA radiused the rear light reflectors using a file, wet & dry and chrome polish. Finished making the new bracket for the fuel regulator and mounted it over the pedals.


23 June 2000

Cut the holes in the boot box for the seat belt eye bolts. Filled the coolant system with 50/50 mix discovered a couple of leaks which could be fixed by tightening hoses. Most serious leak was from the blanking plug we put in the aluminium pipe where the thermostat bypass would have fitted. Drained the coolant and made a new blanking plug from a ½ BSP adapter and an M10 bolt, sealed the assembly with PTFE tape. Refilled the system, leak cured.  Since the engine had not turned for 6 months, took the spark plugs out and turned the engine over on the starter to prime the oil galleries.  Fitted rubber piping around the return edge of the rear number plate. I left Andrew to start the engine. Andrew reported fuel gauge not reading, temperature gauge not reading, radiator fan permanently on once the engine was up to temperature.


24 June 2000

Put 4 more gallons of fuel in the car and the fuel gauge reads OK.  We fitted and earth strap to the engine temperature sensor the gauge now reads.   Andrew picked up an orange top fan switch from the local Ford dealer.  Checked the part number with Westfield – the same but ½ the price. Fitted the switch. The fan now switches on and off at the correct points.  Engine runs fine, no adjustments required from when we tested the engine in January.  Fitted the carpets but we were short of Velcro for the crash pad, boot box trim and rear bulkhead carpet. Found out our tunnel carpet was mad for a standard shift and not a quick shift we have fitted.  This caused the carpet to prevent the handbrake warning light not to work. A definite SVA failure.  The problem was the gear lever gaiter was in the wrong position in the carpet.  To be ready for SVA next Friday we cut a rectangle out of the carpet and turned it around through 180 degrees to reposition the gaiter.  Handbrake warning light now works correctly and carpet fit is acceptable for SVA.  Andrew fitted the rear number plate holder. Fitted the seat belts.


25 June 2000

We re-did the bodge to the carpet to improve its appearance and were more satisfied with the end result. Fitted the seats. Repositioned the windscreen wipers so that they parked correctly.  Re-fitted the nose cone and tested the indicators. Noticed that the water temperature, oil pressure and fuel gauges have condensation inside them also the Water temperature gauge remains reading after the engine has been switched off. But does zero the next time you switch on wit the engine cool.

 Wired the rear number plate light.  We discovered that with the number plate mounted the Westfield way (number plate lamp at the top) because we had used studs and not bolts we could not remove the spare wheel. We will fix this post SVA. It should just be a case of turning the number plate holder 180 degrees. After lunch we lowered the car to the ground and drove it out of the garage just on to the drive. Much grinning and backslapping followed.  Back in the newly swept out garage we set about set up the ride height, 163 mm at the front and 170 mm at the back.  We set up the camber angles using a gauge we had borrowed from Peter Sharp.  Peter also loaned us a set of (battered) Dunlop wheel alignment gauges to set up the tracking. We completed the front and will do the back tomorrow.


26 June 2000

“D” day as far as SVA is concerned and we decided we were on track and it would be “GO” on Friday. Set up the tracking if the rear suspension. Checked the wiring of the temperature sensor and gauge all OK. If the gauge continues to stick it will be sorted after SVA. Chris Masters Says Westfield will replace the carpet after SVA.   Fitted VIN plate.  Andrew rechecked the front camber angle and adjusted the LHS to be within tolerance and the same as the RHS.  Replaced our Racetech steering wheel with an SVA compliant one borrowed from Westfield.  Adjusted the handbrake.  Fitted the RHS cycle wing.  Decided not to glue them in place but bolt them as Westfield recommend.


27 June 2000

Fitted the LHS cycle wing. Rechecked for tightness front and rear suspension bolts.

Fitted interior mirror and the crash pad.  Adjusted the position of the handbrake cables to ensure clearance from brake and fuel pipes. Fitted the boot box and interior trim.   It looked like out Aeroquips on the front brakes were too short at full lock and fouled the cycle wing brackets.  Our Aeroquips were mounted on the chassis brackets provided because we have a non-ducted nose.  Unpacked the exhaust guard to find a jubilee clip missing.


28 June 2000

On Chris Masters recommendation I checked the steering rack 2.5 turns lock to lock, it is OK. I undid the Aeroquips from the bracket. Bent the bracket slightly with a hammer and a piece of wood to gain a little on the length. Reconnected the Aeroquips, routing them under the cycle wing brackets and with a slight twist in them to produce good clearances all round.  Re-connected the fixed pipes, which required careful bending and repositioning by hand. Bled the brakes.  Andrew did a test flight to check the brakes and to see if the car would negotiate the speed bumps down to the main road without grounding. With the engine warm, we rechecked the emissions at idle (950 revs 2.6 CO) and we were within tolerance. Adjusted the nose cone to eliminate a rattle against the chassis. Stuck rubber on to bonnet locating points on the scuttle and nose cone. Definitely improves the fit and appearance.  SVA item - Fitted spiral wrap to the Aeroquips and covers to all the suspension nuts and bolts.


29 June 2000

SVA –1 Missing Jubilee clip for the exhaust guard arrived and the guard fitted. Chris master said set it towards the rear of the car to cover up as much of the rear exhaust clamp as possible.  Chris also told us that two very large covers were for covering up the front ball joint locking nuts and similarly two smaller ones for the track rod end locking nuts.   We replaced the spiral wrap provided by Westfield for wrapping the front Aeroquips with some stuff we obtained from VWP. Andrew set about sticking rubber and covers over everything we knew, or suspected, might be picked up by the tester as not being radiused sufficiently.  Andrew and I took off the front exhaust clamp (with difficulty, since we did not want to disturb the exhaust system.) so that I could radius the edges with the Dremel and the grinding stone tools.   Washed the car and loaded up the support vehicle (My rover 820) with nuts bolts, screws, washers, electrical connectors, grommets and bungs. If we need 1/50 of what we took we were dead.  Suddenly we were done. in plenty of time to walk round the car and see if there was anything we had forgotten and get an early night.


30 June 2000

SVA Day. See the SVA report. After 3 hours, the car passed first time and we are awarded an MAC. – Phew.


03 July 2000

Contacted the reading VRO – He (Mr Jepson) does not want to inspect the car for a Q registration. Send the VED+ £25, registration fee, and major receipts for the car (Kit and Engine). Form V55/5 (first registration) and 627/1 (build up report) and it should be done in 2 days.   Removed the carpet to send back to Westfield


05 July 2000

New carpet is ready and will be returned today. Replaced the Westfield steering wheel with the removable Racetech one. Removed the rear number plate carrier turned it 180 degrees and refitted it. Rewired the number plate lamp. The Spare wheel is secured on studs with locking nuts and can be removed past the number plate. It actually looks better this way up with the number plate lamp covering more of the bottom of the spare wheel.


06 July 2000

New carpet arrived today with two huge reels of Velcro tape. Removed Seats and Seat belts removed the rear bulkhead carpet. Cleaned off all the old double-sided tape with white spirit. Refitted the rear bulkhead carpet.  Prepared the chassis to refit the tunnel carpet.


07 July 2000

Registration notification and tax disc arrived today Q146ACF. Went to Halfords and had some number plates made. Rear Euro plate, to save putting GB stickers on the car, with 3D lettering and customised  - E.M. Engineering. Standard plate on the front with 3D letters to match the rear.  We got away with a Euro plate on the back because we have a 1 in the number.


08 July 2000

Fitted the tunnel carpet, refitted the seat belts and the seats Whilst doing this we noticed a couple of corroded rivets on the LHS side trim panel. We replaced them. After SVA we had notice some electrolyte spillage from the battery whilst the car was parked on the slope of Andrew’s drive. We had cleaned this up but suspected some had trickled back on to the rivets.  We checked the battery voltage and this seemed OK whilst the output of the alternator on charge gave13.5 volts.  We suspected that the battery may be slightly overfilled and this and expansion coupled with the slope caused the spillage. Checked the carb balance and richened the mixture by ¼ turn we will check the flat spot on a test run.   Cut rubber mats to protect the carpets from muddy feet. Fitted the rear number plate. Removed the nose cone and the spacers for the indicator pods.


9 July 2000

Rerouted the wiring for the front indicators and secured using cable ties and sticky pads. Made some aluminium plates fitted with 6mm rivnuts, secured behind the “chin” of the nose cone with 3 mm peel rivets.  Fixed the number plate brackets to these plates. Fitted the number plate. Refitted the nose cone and connected the wiring.  Whilst the nose cone was off we fitted black rubber edging around the underside of the nose to finish if off and protect the fibreglass. We also fitted HD foam to the chassis to protect the nose cone and eliminate a vibration rattle. Re- adjusted the ride height. The suspension had settled 10 mm. Andrew fixed a leak on the RHS inner Lobro joint. The grease appeared to be leaking out under rotational force. We will continue to monitor it. Topped up the engine oil.


11 July 2000

Tested the throttle position sensor and adjusted it.  Road tested it and richened the mixture a couple of times.  No real improvement in the flat spot. We are now sure we need a rolling road session ad possible re-jetting of the carbs.  Data we have collected seems to suggest that this is a common problem with 2.0 l Zetec engines on DCOE 45 Carbs.


12 July 2000

Apart from test-driving yesterday, and last night my first opportunity to drive the car. Went to Westfield to return the steering wheel. Picked up a set of side screens whilst I was there. Spoke to Chris Masters. Chris praised the quality of the build and especially the bodywork seams. He approves of the SVA checklist (see SVA section).   Chris supplied us with the Westfield recommended jet for the carbs. An enjoyable if blustery drive without side screens.


21 July 2000

Carried out some post SVA and 500 mile mechanical and safety checks. Nothing to report. Started the pre flight checks ready for Coy’s Historic Motor Racing Festival at Silverstone on Sunday


22 July 2000

Andrew called to say that,  one of the bell shaped covers on the top of the carburettors was missing. I Don’t know how I missed this yesterday. Unless we can get a replacement Silverstone is off.  Andrew located one at Thruxton and went to get it. Andrew fitted the new cover and retuned the engine back to square one. He had had the opportunity to talk to Ray West at Thruxton and we have decided to book the car in for a rolling road session. Pre flight checks completed, Andrew brought the car over to my place so that we do some demo runs for the rest of the family who were visiting, and coming to Coy’s


23 July 2000

Andrew and I went to the Coy’s Historic Motor Racing Festival at Silverstone in our own Westfield.  A great day looking at some magnificent machinery and some excellent racing.  Lots of admiring glances and comments on the car.  The day was climaxed by Chris Smith (MD of Westfield Sports Cars) coming 3rd in the race for pre 1966 Grand Prix Cars in a Lotus 21.  Well-done Chris. -  For us an ambition achieved

25 July 2000

Rolling Road session booked with Ray West at Thruxton.

29 July 2000

Removed and resealed the exhaust system. Started to fit lockable boot lid

02 Aug 2000

Trial fitted hinges and boot lid locks

03 Aug 2000

Completed fitting of boot lid. Fitted the hood frame. Completed rolling road pre flight checks.

04 Aug 2000

Rolling road session at West Tuning ,Thruxton. Carbs re-jetted with richer idle jets. Peak Power Output 168.6 Bhp.  Car much nicer to drive, but still has a minor flat spot.